TV Appearances

Charlie is a respected media commentator, and has made numerous appearances on Sky News, BBC News, ITV, Channel 4, Question Time and London Live, to name but a few

A staunch Conservative party supporter, Charlie is a prominent working-class donor, who is not afraid to publically explain and justify his political views. He is one of the few business people in the UK who is brave enough to put his head above the parapet and publically voice his views on controversial issues. Charlie pulls no punches, and is prepared to take a few on the chin himself if that’s what it takes to get his opinions out there. 

Charlie is a highly opinionated individual who isn’t afraid to upset allies and enemies alike, and has done so repeatedly on subjects including 

  • Brexit & Article 50
  • Apprenticeships Vs University
  • Immigration
  • Women in traditionally male trades
  • The UK Economy
  • Entrepreneurship

Pimlico Plumbers as a business has been the subject of numerous TV news stories and documentaries too, including Channel 4’s Show Me Your Money and BBC’s Fake Britain and Cowboys and Angels.